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FDA Double Working Position Ent Apparatus / Otolaryngology Devices

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Double Working Position Ent Apparatus


Double Working Position Otolaryngology Devices


FDA Ent Apparatus

Product Description

MGD-E660Standard double working position ENT examination and treatment table

The treatment table adopts the integrated molding design of advanced anti artificial Dali table, and the box body adopts the sheet metal bending and painting process, with beautiful appearance, waterproof, leak proof and easy to clean. Overall dimension (length ≥ 1008 * width ≥ 748 * height ≥ 800mm).

The 2. spray gun adopts a detachable process. The gun body is designed by ergonomics, and the spray is uniform and no leakage. The design of the airflow loop blocking is adopted to better solve the blockage of the spray gun.

3. The suction of the suction gun is 0-600mmhg, and the suction can be adjusted.

4. The pressure of blowing gun is 0-0.28pa, and the pressure is adjustable.

5. Power of laryngoscope preheater: 450W, heating time adjustable (5-25s).

6. LED light source is used for lighting, illumination is more than 12000lx, color temperature is more than 6300k, indication is more than 80, service life is not less than 100000 hours, light spot adopts spotlight design. The lamp arm is equipped with damping balance, and the forward non angle positioning is convenient and accurate.

7. The touch button is used for sensitive response, no wear, no color loss, backlight display function indicator, different colors are displayed when switching, and the guidance is clear; the host unit and electric patient chair can be controlled.

8. The whole machine adopts the design of human safety voltage, and the host can control each working unit; when the machine is turned on, the host will automatically alarm and cut off the power supply when there is a fault.

9. The main and auxiliary design of centralized sewage device is adopted, which meets the environmental protection requirements of the international medical system (ISO13485). The sewage bottle has the upper limit alarm function.

10. The positive pressure pump is imported with original equipment, the power is greater than or equal to 75W, and the maximum pressure can reach 35kg / cm2

11. Negative pressure pump power ≥ 350W, maximum suction ≥ 700mmhg

12. The brightness of LED film reading lamp is adjustable, and the light is uniform, with long light and inductive switch mode.

13. Built in trash can, stainless steel trash pan, tweezers cup, rigid tube endoscope disinfection device.

14. Built in LED cold light source, power ≥ 50W

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