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520mm~640mm Headband LED Surgical Lights

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Detail Information

High Light:

640mm LED Surgical Lights


520mm LED Surgical Lights


640mm led surgery lamp

Product Description

1. The lamp cap is supported by flexible hose, which can be adjusted 360 ° freely, and the lighting direction can be easily positioned.

The lamp cap adopts heat dissipation stripe structure, which greatly improves the heat dissipation of the product and effectively improves the service life of LED lamp beads.

3. The diameter of the lamp cap is small, and the coaxial lighting without shielding can be realized

4. The adjustment range of headband should not be less than 520mm ~ 640mm

5. Three level brightness adjustment, suitable for different illumination requirements.

6. Memory function: automatically memorize the operation status before power failure after power failure, and automatically run the operation status before power failure after power recovery.

7. Intelligent heat dissipation protection: automatically monitor the lamp cap temperature, and automatically adjust the heat dissipation mode when it reaches the preset value.

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